Friday, August 12, 2011

Prawn Mango Salad

My portioning and plating as presented to Chef in today's lesson.
He said it's good but that the greens can be given a bit more height.
We learned the importance of portioning and plating today and heard anecdotes of 5-star hotel kitchen nightmares when they don't get the portioning right. Today's dish is Prawn Mango Salad with Avocado, all my favourite ingredients, yum! The recipe is at the bottom of this post. 

Chef critiqued on everyone's plating - it was interesting to hear his professional views
since plating can be rather subjective.
I have my clear likes and dislikes of the plates displayed but the views of an Extra Virgin Chef do not count now.
Eli had the most unique creation - he made a pineapple shape out of the ingredients. His Middle Eastern sense of aesthetics makes me laugh. 
Plus cubing the ingredients made them look rather delish to me too! I like to think Eli's is funny and mine aspires to be more elegant. We will be assessed on this dish in the practical exams next week. 

Serves 2

200g prawns, deveined
1 ripe Thai sweet mango
Half avocado
Half red onion, small dices
10g coriander roots (not the leaves. Chef said many people unwittingly throw the roots away not realising its high nutrients.) Update: I have since added a picture of this - see below.
50g mixed greens (rockets, baby spinach, etc..)


75ml olive oil
Juice of one lime
Dash of wasabi to taste
1/2 tsp honey
Salt to taste


Season prawns with salt and steam for 7 minutes (you can also blanch)
Remove prawn shell and cut into dices saving some prawn for garnish
For the dressing, mix well olive oil, lime juice, wasabi, honey and salt. Chill it.
Save ingredients for garnish.
Peel mango and cut lengthways, finely slice
Cut avocados in half and remove seed.
Use a table spoon to scoop the avocado and slice lengthwise
Cut onion into small dices
Finely cut coriander roots
Toss all ingredients in the bowl and adjust the seasoning
Chill the bowls for service.

Portion and plate the salad

Take out the service bowl and give a base with the greens
Portion the salad correctly into 2
Arrange the salad on the greens
Garnish with the ingredients that are saved for the purpose
Serve chilled

Verdict: Easy, nutritious, tasty. Just make sure to use only fresh greens. 

Use coriander roots for this recipe.

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