Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chocolate cakes for girlfriends - one disaster at a time!

I made chocolate cakes this weekend for 2 girlfriends having their birthdays a day apart. I tried piping for the first time. That was the fun part. The rest of the preparation, I had some trouble. First, I've never tried to bake 2 chocolate cakes at one go using 2 different recipes. So I did get a little muddle-headed in the process. Secondly, I did not strictly follow the recipe - a baker should always respect the recipe. Thirdly, the heat and humidity affected the chemical reaction of the ingredients. Overall, I did not get the effect I wanted but both cakes were edible and all ingredients fresh and good.

Extra Virgin Chef, learning to bake and cook, one disaster at a time!

Julia Child says, Learn from your mistakes, be fearless!

Verdict: need to take up that pastry course, man!

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