Monday, August 15, 2011

From cutting throat to cutting lime, Thai-style

We worked in the Main Kitchen today, meaning we cooked to feed the 300 students in the academy. Yes, lunch is provided for diploma students. It's a mass production and assembly line style amongst the 15 of us under the supervision of a Thai chef. Two hours later, we produced a Thai salad with a rich Chinese broth served with steamed white rice for 300 covers.

One of the things I learned from Chef today is how to cut lime Thai-style for maximum juice.
Always roll lime on the table top adding some pressure before you slice them to loosen the pulp and release the juices inside.
Eastern style of cutting a lime: vertically from top to bottom
Western style of cutting: horizontally across
Thai-style: cut from the top just off the middle
Second cut is 45 degrees from the first cut
Third and final cut results in forming a triangle at the top and base as you can see from this picture.
This method of cutting maximises the juice without getting bitterness from the skin which can affect your food taste.
And I always thought lime looked this way because the Thais use a different type of lime! Tsk tsk.

Another transition for me from previously working in a cut-throat industry to now cutting lime, Thai-style.


  1. Love the tip!! :)

  2. Great information! I always thought they got it all wrong. Aiyah!


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