Thursday, August 11, 2011

Onion Rings

I learned to do this during my restaurant internship days. Onion rings were a big favourite at that particular restaurant because it was prepared with so much effort, time and love. I have not found this method anywhere else on the internet so I thought it's worth giving it a shot. An American chef started this when the restaurant first opened and to this date, it remains one of the more successful dishes.

A fair bit of work so do this only if you have time, or if you have onions and milk to get rid of.
Peel onions. The onions here are actually not big enough for onion rings but I'm only experimenting so I go ahead to use them.
Cut into one-inch rings and separate them 
Soak them in milk and water overnight. Ensure all rings are separated and submerged.
Cling-wrap and store in fridge overnight.
A small kitchen joy: pulling the Cling-wrap so straight there is no crease.
Next day, scoop plain flour into your biggest mixing bowl at home. Add sea salt and black pepper. Black pepper should be visible when you mix them up 
I used this bowl and found it was still not big enough but it's all I've got
Remove rings from milk and dip into flour mixing bowl
Toss and turn them with open palms ensuring they don't stick and are fully but not heavily coated
Dip them back into the milk bowl, then back again for a second round of flour coating. What did I say about having time for this?
Repeat for all rings. If flour gets lumpy, sieve it and remove lumps.
Spread them out in one layer before frying ensuring they don't stick.
Sprinkle some flour on tray before laying them out.
Uh-oh, open and deep frying is always not my thing. Thankfully,
mom is always there for me
Many are fried but few are chosen. OK, these are the better ones handpicked for photoshoot.
Sprinkle with some sea salt flakes, very tasty!
You won't see this in any other food blog- the bad and ugly ones!
Cracked, torn, broken. The downtrodden in society!

I'm not afraid to post them (cos I'm EXTRA VIRGIN CHEF!)  'cos this really is one message I like to send to you - it is ok to get it wrong. It's about doing it! In fact, I can tell you this - these ones here, they taste better than those
you get in Burger King. Anytime. At least all my ingredients are fresh, and I know what I'm eating.
Nothing beats food from your own kitchen.
My mom, a veteran cook, actually says these taste better to her!
See, God prospers my mistakes!


  1. Very useful post, definitely new to me. Love your step by step pics. They are very instructive.

  2. Thanks, Experimental Cook! One hand photographer!


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