Monday, August 1, 2011

Smoke your own Salmon at home

I would love to be able to assemble this canape someday. My Jewish friend Eli has been telling me how he makes his own smoked salmon at home. It's very easy, so they all say. There are 2 ways to smoke salmon, cold smoke or hot smoke. Eli does it cold. Just wrap it in Atlantic sea salt and sugar and any herbs you like, cure it in the chiller for 2 days and you're done. It sounded too simple and with something like salmon, I wanted to be more careful. So I searched the internet and found this.

I don't understand all her ingredients but I also don't have to use them all. I can do it Eli's way plus a bit more of some ingredients I like. Seems easy enough. Read the comments following the video - she also suggests how it can be served when ready.

lli gave me a pack of Atlantic sea salt from Israel today. He lugs home a few kilogrammes of this and extra virgin olive oil whenever he goes back to Israel. I feel so favoured and honoured that he would share his precious ingredients with me. I also read that Jewish immigrants from Russia and Poland brought the technique of salmon smoking to London in the 19th Century.

This is how the salt looks, a little off-white. I saw pink smoked sea salt in at-Sunrice and this reminds me of it.

My friend Roy told me about Snorre at Fishery Port Road near Ben's Food where you can get Norwegian salmon for double the freshness and half the price of those in the supermarkets. At the same time, my friends Alvin and Lina were there last week and they have been posting all the mouth-watering sashimi and boasting of how good a deal they got. They're even inviting us over this Saturday! So as soon as I get to Snorre, I'm going to do a cold-smoke and this will be my first baby step to making a beautiful canape.

Anybody else game to try making this delicacy at home?

Afternote: Check out my first home-cured salmon here.


  1. Wow...This looks so nice and tempting :)

  2. Hi Hankerie, try it and let me know how it goes. I do want to try this myself too!

  3. Great information about Snorre. Will snoop around for a good bargain. Thank you for sharing !

  4. Hi Experimental Cook, many thanks for visiting my blog. I was at Snorre yesterday The Norwegian salmon there is fresh and very good value. It's worth a trip there. I bought a whole salmon, so it's omega 3 loading this weekend.


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