Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy 1st birthday, Extra Virgin Chef.

Today marks the end of my first year as a blogger, and I've often mused about why I blog.

Along with millions of others, I publicise my thoughts and invite everyone and anyone in the world to read what I write and peep into my kitchen on what I'm learning to cook that day. I post on my blog a few times a week or as and when I'm inspired by a dish, a food picture or an ingredient. 
My blog posts tend to be short due to attention span. Yours and mine. Personally, I always prefer a quick read and adopt a "get-to-the-point" approach. And sometimes I just run out of words or am too busy munching on my food or being a culinary paparazzi.

A couple of my posts got some good hits and were featured on official food channels but most of them are ignored.  I don't do all the things I've been advised to do in order to drive more traffic and viewership to the blog so I don't expect a huge following. Now I get just enough attention to stay motivated.

Sometimes when I meet a friend for a coffee or bump into an acquaintance or an ex-colleague from the corporate days, someone will tell me that they enjoy my blog and are inspired to try my recipes. That’s the best compliment of all. It’s even better than hearing that my food tastes good. Well, almost.
A third of my readers are from Singapore, which is not a surprise. Almost a third are from the US which is a big surprise. Who are these silent readers reading my blog so faithfully but hardly dropping comments on the site? 
If you’re a blogger like me, it’s exciting to discover that someone in the Ukraine, Taiwan and Vladisvostok looked at your site. My reach, thanks to the power of the internet, goes to countries whose names I can't even pronounce.
I intend to enter my second year as a blogger and keep this site going.  If nothing else, it will help reduce my anxiety over this transient stage of life.
Then, if I get into some business of my own, I’ll have plenty to write about. 
And if I don't, well, hopefully you will see a more learned cook emerging from the apron of an extra virgin chef.

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In case you're new here, these are some of my food highlights from the the last 12 months. Every picture brings back memories ranging from panic in the kitchen to pure exhilaration when the dish is a success. 


  1. Happy 1st Birthday, EVC!
    ~ CK

  2. Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations on your first year!

  4. Happy Big 1 to your blog.

    I smiled when I read your 4th paragraph.
    Stay true to oneself, and be rooted in your first reason to blog.
    Kudos for that!

  5. Thanks, Brook. I enjoyed your Mother's Day post.

  6. Hey, Wendy, thanks for the encouragement. I have learned alot from you!

  7. Happy 1st anniversary, Luan! You are certainly an inspiration to a virgin blogger like me. Here's wishing you and your blog many, many happy birthdays to come.

  8. That is very sweet, Phong Hong. Thank you very much.

  9. Happy 1st Anniversary and many more to come. It was great knowing you, Luan Ee. HUGS!

  10. Hi Luan, I'm back! You have a great blog with an inspiring stories to share with! 17th May is my daughter's birthday! Happy 1st anniversary to your blog! And I won't go home with bare hands as I want to support you & Quay Po, want to know a new friend, want to learn more great recipes from you & keen to read more interesting stories of you through this journey in cooking! I better go to become your latest follower first, 35 sounds good to me!

  11. Happy blog anniversary! you got another new reader now! happy to follow you on your cooking journey! have a good week, luan!


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