Sunday, July 24, 2011

I barded!

There isn't a more refined way to say this or do this. Barding, as I described in an earlier post last week, which is also last Wednesday's Word of the Week, is the act of wrapping animal fats around a small piece of poultry before you cook it. This retains moisture in the poultry, especially in small birds.

I have 3 cornish game hens from Ben's Food which I marinated overnight with sea salt, black pepper, thyme, parsley, and some turmeric powder for colour and because it's healthy.

I remembered I have some bacon streaks also from Ben's and decided it would be fun to try barding. (It sounds like, It would be fun to try planking!) It's a good way to remember what I learned in class too. 

I decided to have some fun with these small birds. Do you see a double plank of the other 2 awaiting hens? They look so cute!

This is so weird and funny, whoever invented barding. I feel like I'm wearing a sarong or dress for the dead bird. Then I thought, ok, the poor birds deserve some dignity. Every creature that gives its life for our table should be treated with class, and I stop fooling around.

Popped into the oven 180C for 40 minutes. Here's the before and after look. The caramelised bacon gave off a smoky aroma that filled the kitchen. A million-dollar feeling when I opened the oven door.

I was almost afraid to unveil the hens but we were running late for church and the family swarmed down on the meat so quickly I had no time to take pictures. By golly, I have to tell you in all honesty, the meat was succulent, tender, juicy and massively moist!

Came back from church and took a shot of the remaining pieces which didn't remain very long. They still looked very juicy.

To complement the barded chickens, I made a quick Jamie Oliver's mushroom soup together with my crusty bread.

A good day in the office for me.

By the way, do you know you can bard dates and figs too? Click here to see these great snacks.


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