Friday, July 13, 2012

Word of the Week - Claypot

This is a very typical Chinese claypot and commonly found across some parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and China. After salivating over Alan's post on claypot rice, I had to go out to buy one. Such claypots are not easy to come by anymore. I scoured 4 traditional shops before I eventually found this one in Chinatown. If you're looking to get one, ideally, you should find one that has a wire gauze around it for more even heat distribution. Alas, I read that only after my purchase. Whatever it is, don't buy claypots from Amazon! I just saw the obscene price they published on their website.

My claypot is unglazed for the most part, and comes with a cute handle protruded from the side. Most claypots available today come in 2 round handles but I much prefer my traditional version. Plus, mine has an added bonus of "Tao" hand carved on it. "The Way", yes, "The Way"!

The flat-base bottom of the pot is glazed as you can see here.

While at the shop, this cute Thai baby claypot caught my eyes and I just couldn't go home without her. I like her Tuscan colour and petite look. Never mind that I have no idea what to cook in it - that's totally irrelevant.

Afraid of cracking my new pot (like I did with my Jamie Oliver baking stone!), I researched on how to prepare it for the first use. Plus, you do realise today is Friday the 13th!

A few things stood out:

1. Don't subject it to sudden heat change. Sudden high heat or sudden cold can break the clay.
2. Soak it before first use to remove dirt, grit and condition it.
3. At the first use, start with low heat and gradually increase.

Do not wash your claypot with soap as the clay will absorb the detergent.

Next post: Extra Virgin Claypot Rice!


  1. lovely claypots you'd gotten there! love the petite one which is good for one pot dishes like 三杯鸡! the "TAO" emblem i think refers to 陶 which is essentially means earthern vessels and in this case, the claypot! But yes, a good claypot like the one you'd gotten is definitely "THE WAY" to a good serving of claypot rice!


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