Sunday, July 1, 2012

Private Dining, from a kitchen perspective

A quick snap of the dining table through the soft draperies before the family arrived.

I had an opportunity to work beside a Le-Cordon Bleu-trained chef in a private dining event recently. He has dreams of opening his own restaurant and is in fact one step closer to that dream now, having inked a deal with a landlord this week.

Cooking for the rich in Singapore is quite an experience in itself. The kitchen in the villa is bigger than my house - not exaggerating! 3 empty giant fridges to store all your ingredients and food, 7 ovens, 3 large island tops to work on with endless storage space. Every 2-arms'-length drawer opened up to a world of branded utensils for different cuisines. A private dining paradise. Too bad I can't show you pics of the villa - I need to be discrete if I'm to make a living out of cooking, you know!

Here are some pictures to share from the experience.

Good food starts with good produce

Chocolate soil

Preparing the Chorizo for the Barramundi with
Cannelini beans

Cooking is in his blood.

Tiger-striped peaches

Chemist at work - Mint, Feta, Watermelon

Egg chaud-froid with Pomegranate Molasses

Hokkaido Scallop Cerviche

Lavendar Roasted Magret of Duck with Fennel Potato Puree
(sous-vided in my SV Supreme!)

White Sangria like no other

Spice Poached Pears with chestnut cream and Brandy espuma

Petit Fours - home-made marshmallow popsicles
and rich chocolate cookies

Pretty sophisticated menu for a family dinner, and I didn't understand most of them. But it was a wonderful experience, and I made some new friends in the kitchen, which is always great.

Next post: I'll show you the egg opener we used during this event.


  1. Hi there,what an exciting posting,so I guess this must be one of the richest ones in S'pore!Good experience!Seeing marshmallow&cookies in this menu is a little surprise& I bet the chef must have used the top quality of chocolate to make the cookies!It's an eye opening to me,thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Jessie, I wasn't involved in the menu planning so not sure what the background there is. I did see a few teenagers and youths at the dining table so maybe that's for them.

    2. OK, Jessie, I found out from Chef - it's Pierre Herme's Korova chocolate cookies, and Grand Marnier guimauve. In other words, cookies and marshmallows!

    3. Yeah,when the cookies & marshmallows were served,I was guessing that there must be some young guests there!Pretty lucky people!My gf&I have just mentioned of Pierre Hermes this evening as she is going to Paris later this year&I asked her to go to his shop to try on some of his famous macarons,hshaha!I've tried your recipe of the Hainanese chicken rice,if you can still recall abt it&it is in my waiting list to be posted,should be soon!

    4. I look forward to reading your post on the chicken rice! Will surely look out for it.

  2. Nice, clean edges on the egg shell. Those visuals are treat ideas for entertaining.

  3. Luan, this is exciting. Looking forwards to more.


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