Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Picture of Blessedness - Kuppersbusch Kitchen and Giant Bananas

This is my friend's beautiful kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art Kuppersbusch ovens. I should say, this is only part of her kitchen. She is blessed with a showcase kitchen but alas, she hardly uses it! So this morning's mission was to show her how easy it is to make Jamie Oliver's baked chicken legs in her own oven. Her son in particular loved the recipe, and this is enough motivation for her to try to make it on her own the next time. Mission accomplished.

Very even heat distribution noticed in the browning of the chicken meat.

Look at this picture of summer! It even comes with a hot stone in front! I so want to get my hands on this to try some recipes!

 And what about this cute, sexy trolley induction grill. The top panel can be removed to serve directly on the table. How cool and awesome is that. It would be totally impressive to serve a chunk of Angus beef on this!

I was at the right time at the right place as they also harvested their giant bananas that morning, and she blessed me with some to go.

Bigger and chunkier than a cucumber!

Yellowing and browning after a few days, perfect for a snack or a bake!

A picture of abundance! This is the time to test Marcus Wareing's Banana Bread Pudding!


  1. Those bananas are huge! Did not realise how big they were until I saw the second last photo. What variety are they? And that kitchen is to die for. If I ever strike lottery the first thing I want to do is revamp my kitchen!

  2. Is that someone's kitchen or the culinary school that you attended? It's huge!... Envy...

    1. Ooi, you didn't read the first line in my post - "This is my friend's kitchen..." LOL. Too awed by the picture, right?


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