Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Baking Blast into the Past

I had the privilege to meet an elderly woman who learned to bake and cook since she was little from a Dutch lady living in Singapore in the 1950's. She showed me her recipe scrap book with its yellow tinge and brown spots. I was intrigued to see recipes that were type-written! How many of us have seen a typewriter much less use one? 

Funnily enough, just when I thought I would be spending the afternoon with her learning about how cakes were baked "the old school way", this amazing lady whipped out her iPhone and started telling me about a killer app called ScanPro which she highly recommends for scanning recipes. She says with a big smile, Now, I have my recipes everywhere I go. I don't need to carry this book with me anymore. 

She had three such recipe collection books but her daughter threw away two. Ignorant fool. I would have loved to inherit such a precious book. 

Old World Charm with New World Convenience

Look at the dates of her newspaper clippings. Where were you in 1974? Were you even born yet?

I flipped over some of her clippings. Look! Jurong Drive-in Cinema showing The Daring Dobermans. How I miss the drive-ins which form a big part of my childhood memories.

Petticoat Junction - oh, too cute!

What a blast into the past for me.


  1. I have such a book after my Grand Mother-I just love reading it althouh I tried only a few things from this book
    this is a treasure!

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  2. It is a treasure indeed! My Aunt will be giving me her recipe scrap books too (besides the claypots) which contain recipes from my grandaunties. Am I lucky or what?

    1. Doubly blessed, and make sure you share it in your blog, madam!

  3. For people who cherish cooking & recipe collection, this is gold for us! Yes, I'm pretty sure that we are in the same boat! I haven't born in 1974, haha! Looking forward to see you using some of these recipes!

  4. Those 'old' treasure should be pass on through generation to generation. But sometimes the new generation do not really appreciate the things that we have pass over to them. Such a pity. The old newspaper already turn yellow but such a treasure, isn't it? Sometimes when we ransack our old things, it just bring back such good old sweet memories back to us.


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