Thursday, July 21, 2011

How "food-safe" are you? For your loved ones' sake, take this quiz.

Today, we were assessed on our knowledge of safe handling of food. One by one, we went in to be grilled on 30 questions based on what we have learned the past 3 days. Here's a sampling of the Qs. I challenge you to take this quiz and test your general knowledge and food safety awareness.

1. Name 4 types of germs that can be found in food.

2. Identify 2 types of food contamination.

3. Why is personal hygiene important in food safety?

4. Name 3 types of food contaminants.

5. What is the Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ) where bacteria can multiply?

6. Name one safe way to thaw food.

7. Name 2 types of food-borne illnesses.

8. Name 2 safe ways to store food in the fridge.

9. How do you look for signs of pest presence in the kitchen?

10. Why does the fridge temperature need to be monitored?

Honestly, my home kitchen violates most of the food safety rules of the professionally run commercial kitchen. There are some quick wins and changes I can do immediately which I will, including checking the temperature of my chiller and freezer.

Have fun with the quiz. It's worth doing even to increase awareness and protect your loved ones from unnecessary harm. I'll share answers on Sunday night. Cheers!

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