Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roast 'em and wrap

Barry Manilow croons, Read 'em and weep. Who's from that melodrama era? How I love that song as a teenager. I remember reading the lyrics underneath my textbook during Chinese class : ) Anyway, today, I say, Roast 'em and wrap.

Waking up on a lazy Sunday without a care in the world - how blessed I am. I put my 1.5kg kampung chicken to roast after simply rubbing salt and sprinkling some freshly-ground pepper. Stuffed it with a lemon and some rosemary herbs and popped it in for an hour 20 minutes at 180. I added a tray of capsicum, pumpkin and garlic underneath it to catch the melting fats. Hope you enjoy my photos below.

Thinking of this 'chick' got me out of bed this Sunday morning.
Rub salt all over. I decided to measure the amount of salt today.
I used a tad less than 2.5tsp of salt and the taste was just right.
Nothing less than freshly-ground pepper. 
1 hour 20 mins later, it's beginning to smell like Sunday.
The roasties - capsicum, pumpkin, garlic - and some greens lie in wait for the main star to be carved.

I've learned to carve a chicken, thanks to a good video by the French Culinary Institute available on YouTube.
I plate up skinless breast meat for healthy husband
and set aside the juicy and flavourful skin for kids.
Popped the burrito wraps into the oven that's still hot for a minute or so.

How does this look for an easy Sunday lunch before church?
Not a great angle but my foodography skills are improving, right?

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