Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dressed for Success

Dressed to grill
Being a first class chef is not only being able to cook great food, you also have to look the part. This is truly Primary One elementary class - how to wear your apron, your grandmother hair net (I really don't fancy this one at all), chef hat, and personal kitchen towel. Remember when Catherine Zeta Jones folded her apron in No Reservations? It's in fact a safety precaution to fold in the apron strings so they don't get caught in machineries.

In this picture is my regular seat in the lecture room. I look like a complete goon, and the thumbs up sure don't help, hahaha. "You score points for dressing safely, not prettily." So on top of everything else, I have to also park whatever remaining beauty is left on this middle-aged body of mine. The chef said we need to get used to it now that we've hung up our power suits.

So this is my caterpillar transition in action, moving from media work to menial work and uprooting myself to a foreign land where a degree means temperature, not qualification, and the only spa I know now is a tula.


Get it?


Elementary class in progress. Everyday
we are exposed to learning from a
different chef. They all have interesting
backgrounds and stories to share of
their own culinary journey.
So much to learn from them. 

Cooking for Goliath continues with
this giant handheld blender.

I have to tell you about this super oven. My friend Eli and I keep talking about it!
It's a combi oven, with steam and convection. Such combination of dry
and moist cooking can do wonders for your food and bread,
especially baguettes, where at some point in the baking process,
the oven shoots out some water to moist the bread and makes it
much more aromatic.

It's also bluetooth-enabled -plug your thumb drive in there
and it reads your recipe and instructions. There's a built-in
water jet for easy cleaning.

For those who can't cook at all, it has an idiot-proof menu.
Click, fish, chicken or beef.  Click, bake, steam or grill.
15,000 Euros, anyone?
Tomorrow is kinda a big day for me. I'm the sous chef and it's our first real lesson in the kitchen and the debut of my Extra Virgin Chef Knife set. I have been advised to bring band aids! 

Tomorrow is also Wednesday which means I will also share the Word of the Week. I think I will have lots to say after tomorrow. 

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