Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Snooping around

Another day on Safe handling of food before the exams tomorrow. Dry but important topic and I could see a few classmates with heavy eyelids. Some of these guys work in the afternoons and come back to class in the mornings, so I suppose it's tough on them.

I love zipping out at break time to see what the other classes are up to. This culinary school is abuzz with all sorts of interesting activities and so I snoop around with my Canon, again. Here are some shots to share with you from today. Hope they give you a sense of the school.

Leaving the house at the break of dawn still needs some getting used to. I snapped this while wearing my shoes.
Diploma students learning culinary knife cuts - julienne and brunoise

This is the superwoman I mentioned in a previous post - she ran her first marathon at 49 and is launching into her
third career in culinary arts. Today, she and her classmates are being assessed on filleting fish and trussing chicken.

Er...bad photography

A student has her vegetables laid out to wait while she works on the chicken.
Wine-tasting class - I want to join!
Part of food safety - blue chopping board for seafood, green for greens, red for red meat, yellow for chicken and white for cooked food. How many chopping boards do you have at home?
Pastry students preparing desserts for a special evening today.
Pastry student shapes a rose petal.

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