Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carrot walnut cake Part 2

I took my leftover piece out of the fridge for a photoshoot. To me, it tasted better today than yesterday. There's something about overnight food really. Still, much room for improvement.

Hole on the left created from apple chunk. Apples should have been sliced much thinner.

Cream cheese topping - I can do with more of it so the sides are better coated. 

Oh and only small raisins. No big ones even if you run out!


  1. you always have a thing for overnight food .... the overnight hokkien mee, ... overnight tsui kuey and now overnight carrot cake

  2. err .... forgot to sigh off, that was me ... chee kuan

  3. Stews are even better if you can wait a day or 2.

  4. Also kiam chye arck...EK


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