Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bread and butter pudding

I had a fair bit of focaccia bread leftover from the weekend so I decided to try making a bread and butter pudding for my caregroup members tonight. I must confess the real reason was to get rid of the focaccia, and I had read that one-day old bread was good for this old English pudding. I did not have time to research like I normally do before trying out a recipe but I gave this a shot anyway.  

I wasn't sure when it came out of the oven if it was even right. I may have used an oversized dish since I think the bread pieces should be more squashed together. Anyway, I was very encouraged to get good reviews from my friends. Maybe they were being polite and kind but it was enough for me to pat myself on the shoulder, haha. Below are my pictures to share, mainly because I'm practicing taking pictures. 

I added frozen blueberries to give it a tad bit fruity taste and just for the fun of being different from the others.

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