Sunday, July 31, 2011

What became of your lamb, Clarice?

Boneless leg lamb in slow cooker - I seasoned it with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, made some slits on top and stuffed garlic pieces in them, then I added all my favourite vegetables (also known as whatever is in the fridge
that you want to get rid of), some rosemary prigs, set my slow cooker to high and left it alone to go watch fireworks for the National Day rehearsal.
This is how it looks after 5 hours of high heat on a slow cooker followed by another 5 hours of low heat.  No carving needed, everything falls off and disintegrates into a gooey, messy, juicy stew.

I am happy I applied what I learned in school this week and thawed this responsibly.
Last night, after 4 hours, some friends popped over and I carved out a few pieces for them to try. Forgot to take some pictures as I was concerned not to feed my friends raw meat and kept checking to make sure the lamb was edible. It was quite beautifully medium rare.

My 2 boys had a few pieces as well and compared it with the stew this morning. They like the 4 hour version better so maybe what they like is a steak rather than a gooey stew. Looks like there'll be at least one more round of this.
I would have much preferred it with basmati rice but somehow the kids don't like the long grain, which is surprising to me. So now, this is waiting for the husband who's on his way back after the Osim Triathlon. 

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