Friday, July 29, 2011

Responsible thawing

"What became of your lamb, Clarice?" Do you remember who uttered this line in the most eerie fashion you can imagine?

I just remembered I have a lamb leg in the freezer and this could be a nice weekend to make this for my son after his triathlon tomorrow. I apply everything I've learned this week on Food Safety. This is the best way to close the theory-practice gap.

 A poster in the Main Kitchen in school shows the order of things you should
organise in your fridge.
My son loves lamb to eat. He will appreciate this surprise.
Good quality meat and good value for money, courtesy of Ben's Food
I thaw it in the fridge and not at room temperature. My fridge is at 4 degrees Celsius, outside the TDZ
(Temperature Danger Zone). The bacteria cannot multiply in this environment. Placing it at the
lowest shelf also minimises possible cross-contamination.  
I also use a tray to catch any liquid that may drip out of the raw meat even if it is double-packed.

And now, to look for some good leg lamb recipes to try out. I am thinking a slow cooker stew. Nobody is born a good cook. Everyone learns by doing. Happy weekend, everyone.

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