Monday, May 7, 2012

Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake Ice-cream

There's my raspberry ripple cheesecake ice cream. It's made from the fresh raspberries that I had macerated earlier. It didn't achieve the height I was looking for but I was happy with the taste and texture.

Raspberry ripple has been my favourite ice cream flavour (sometimes it's a toss between this and chocolate) but it's something I share in common with my sister, so this reminds me much of our childhood days. 

I poured half a cup of freshly-brewed espresso onto a slice and was rewarded with a powerful combination of sweet, tangy, bitter taste.

Recipe (adapted from Wendy. Thanks, Wendy.)
No baking needed but you need to prepare the raspberries overnight, and you need a few hours to freeze the final product before serving.

150g Fresh or Frozen Raspberries macerated with 30g Sugar (Click here to see how it's done)
200g Cream Cheese at room temperature
50g Sugar
200g Plain Yoghurt
250ml Whipping Cream
30g Sugar

1. Prepare an 8" pan - line it with Cling Wrap so cake can be removed easily. Or you can use any ice-cream tub and dig in directly!
2. Beat cream cheese with 50g sugar till smooth and creamy.
3. Mix in yoghurt and check taste. Add more sugar to taste if necessary.
4. Whip cream in a chilled bowl until it thickens, then add 30g sugar and whip till soft peaks.
5. Fold cream into cheese mixture.
6. Fill pan with 1/3 of mixture, then level it. Spoon half of raspberry sauce over and gently spread it around.
7. Gently dollop with remaining mixture and smooth the surface.
8. Here's the fun and sexy part - Drop teaspoons of raspberry sauce onto the ice cream and with a knife or fork, draw on the sauce to create ripples.
9. Freeze cheesecake for a few hours or overnight. Transfer from freezer to chiller half an hour before cutting and serving.
10. Good on its own or drizzle a few teaspoons of espresso for an added kick.


  1. Oh my, served with espresso?
    I'd love to try it that way!
    Your way :)

  2. Thanks for sharing yet another winner, Wendy. And yes, the espresso lifts the game.

  3. Interesting ! I have never it this way before. I cheat by letting the ice cream semi-melt a little, stir in whatever I like and refreeze before serving.

  4. Thanks for visiting my have a gorgeous one as well too! :)

    what a neat recipe! I m going to keep this for a party... yay... =)

  5. Hello FD, thanks for dropping by. Do let me know when you have a go at this recipe!


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