Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baked Sunny Eggs in Ramekin

It takes some skills to spoil a breakfast. Even an extra virgin chef can't do it.

This dish is great nutrition all packed into one little ramekin - Baked Sunny Eggs with roasted tomatoes and garlic sautéed spinach. What better way to start off your Sunday. Food to get you in the mood.

This one took a bit longer and you can see the eggs are firmer.
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  1. nigella lawson adds cream and truffle oil to her version...will try this recipe one of these days...

  2. Yeah, I've been thinking of truffles. But am keeping off cream!

  3. Hi Luan,
    this sounds awesome. are you taking normal fresh tomatoes or sundried?

    cheers from Germany

    ps we are going tollwood now and will have some delicious lunch

  4. Hi Sandy! I used big fresh tomatoes. Each slice fits the base of the ramekins snugly. But sundries tomatoes sound yummy too. And yes, I would add some truffle oil the next time round!

    P/S: Tollwood sounds awesome!

  5. i love this, look yummy and delicious !!!

    1. And it's healthy too. Do try it and let me know how it goes.


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