Saturday, November 26, 2011

McVirgin Burger, anyone?

My first home-made beef patty. Feels like my first kiss - clumsy but sweet and memorable!

After spending a week studying recipes at the social enterprise I'm involved in, I garnered enough courage today to try making my first home-made beef burger patty. And without consulting my usual go-to Youtube tutor. I thought I would just do it based on some common sense! 

While it wasn't a box-office hit, I was pleased with it on a few fronts. First, I knew exactly what I was eating in this burger - all fresh and unprocessed. A rare treat these days. Two, the patty didn't disintegrate before my eyes as I had feared it might. It stayed true to its form, contrary to my culinary nightmare. And three, the meat was soft and juicy, not tough - another imagined fear. Experienced chefs don't understand the numerous fears we go through in our heads! 

So, here are the ingredients and some photos to share.

1 kg fresh minced beef
1 yellow onion, chopped
8 eggs
Chinese hoisin sauce, 3-4 Tbsp (or use herbs like thyme and parsley for a Western taste)
Salt and pepper to taste

140g each patty
Pan-seared on a non-stick, about 3-4 min on each side

I like it that it's not perfect!
Goes well with sautéed mushrooms. I should blend the mushrooms into the patty next time.

Now, I wish I had made my own burger bun so I can say it's 100% McVirgin!

Read comments from my family members below:

"Tastes like the Korean bulgogi beef. Good burger." - Husband 

Quietly devoured 2 burgers at one go - Foodie son

"Wow, mom, the meat is so soft and juicy. one more for me, I want to eat it again later." - Fussy-eater son

"OK, not too bad, no strong beef smell." (Packs 2 patties out for her beef-hating friends to try). - My mom who hates beef

"Maybe next time instead of placing the vegetables on top, you can try using it as a base. And since the vegetable is slightly messy, maybe next time you can try rolling the vegetable into a small ball then place it on the bun then spread it out, it would be a lot neater. A neater arrangement could be bun, vegetable of choice, patty then tomato and top bun.

Something I learnt today - you could fry a sunny side and place it at the top above all and instead of placing the top bun in the usual way -- you could place it slanted on the side and stick a satay stick right through from the slanted top bun all the way to the bottom bun."

 - My nephew who is learning to cook in a restaurant as part of his school holiday job 

Spoken like a true pro!

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