Saturday, November 5, 2011

A roasted lamb and a sheepish grin

Mighty pleased with my roast leg of lamb yesterday and still grinning from ear to ear this morning. As I lay on my bed, I went through the entire process in my head to see if there were areas to improve. Overall, I was really pleased with mostly everything, especially when I had to do it within a limited time. Here's what I did.

Bought a 1.6kg leg of lamb from Ben's Food for only $25 - a good bargain. Marinated it with rosemary, sage, garlic, onion, yellow capsicum, celery all chopped up and stuffed into the lamb. Plus salt and pepper of course.  No recipe, just estimated amount and more of ingredients I like. 

I poked holes all over and stuffed the marinade in as far down as I can.

Placed in an airtight container and left it in the chiller overnight for taste to penetrate through meat.

The following morning, I removed it from the chiller and gave it about an hour to bring to room temperature. It's not advisable to place meat cold from the chiller straight into the overn - the cold-hot shock will result in tough meat at the table.

I placed it on a rotisserie, my first try at a lamb on a rotisserie. Thank goodness it fit, and I make a mental note that my oven would not be able to take a lamb leg bigger than this. As usual, I placed a tray of vegetables to catch the melting fat and make yummy roasties. 2 dishes for the effort and time of one.

I took a video of the rotisserie rotating in the oven with my iPhone and posted it successfully on my facebook page. Even that posting process was my first attempt. As with all things on this blog, the basic spirit here is - life is one big learning journey. Stay curious and pursue knowledge as the world pursues wealth.

200C in the oven for 75 mins to get pink medium-rare meat. Add 15 minutes if you prefer your lamb more done. I brought it to a friend's place but forgot to bring my carving knife, so the cut is a bit rough but I was delighted to see the pink blush when the knife sliced through the leg.

Feedback from friends and children were positive and encouraging. The 2 comments that meant the most was one from my son who isn't a meat-lover and another from a friend who does not normally enjoy eating lamb. I'm confident of repeating this dish and so was mighty pleased with myself on this effort. I still have the sheepish grin on my face, pun totally intended.

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