Monday, August 22, 2011

Dry cooking on Singapore cuisine

Lesson on dry cooking method continues today with application to local cuisine. Interesting to get a professional chef's perspectives on where to get the best hokkien mee, char kway teow and nasi lemak, and his views on what make these good. Also heard some true horror stories of the things hawkers do to make their food look good, taste good and last longer, strengthening my own resolve to do more home cooking. Mine couldn't come close to the taste but I know what I'm eating and it's all good.

We grilled chicken satay and made sambal belachan grilled stingray, and chef showed us how he makes goreng pisang (fried bananas). Here are some pictures to share with you. Let me know if you're interested in any of these recipes - too much to type out.

Learned to make our own sambal belachan.

Is this lime or calamansi? What's the difference?

Served with onions
Using lemongrass stick to grease satay

Some fats needed in satay so it won't dry out.
It was yummy!
Final dish was goreng pisang (fried banana fritters). 
This was delicious too and reminded me of my kindergarten days when I
used to love them. But here's where I heard the most horror stories too of
what hawkers do to keep these pisang crisp.

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