Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An older student has incredible advantages

I tried to suck up to the chefs today and asked, Chef, it's Wednesday today. Why is there no Word of the Week? Thought I could for the first time in my student life try to impress my teacher. God is a God of second chances. We do get our second chances in life, people! I've never been a high performer in school, always almost failing or almost passing. I know very very few Chinese songs in my life but there is one in particular where I remember the lyrics because they speak so much to me as a student. It says,


Roughly and crudely translated - Always knowing how little homework you have done only at bedtime and always knowing all the topics to study only when exams are over!

But now at middle age, my psyche as an overaged student is very different. I am frighteningly focused, my hormones are more than stable, my experience and confidence give me a good headstart, I've met my fair share of big, bad wolves dressed in sheep's clothings, I know what I want in life, and I can handle any red-tape and manage egos as big as the industrial combi ovens.

Chef was pleased and looked impressed with my question. Yes, we meant to but thought we'd keep it for tomorrow because of exams this week. But since you asked, I'll tell you first. The word is "Curdle". We'll share this with the class tomorrow.

Did I just score some brownie points? Shall I become the annoying teacher's pet who goes to the teachers after school to offer help rather than ask for help, or make the school website my home page, and study all night so I won't let my chefs down?

Repulsive thoughts, tsk tsk.

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