Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wanna see what we cooked in class today?

We learn about conduction, convection and induction cooking today and
apply dry cooking methods through shallow fry and deep fry.

Here, we have boneless chicken breast meat tenderised by soaking in milk
and tarragon for at least an hour (3 if you have time). Thereafter, coat it
with seasoned flour (salt, pepper and mixed herbs in flour)

The vegetables are sauteed with herbed butter already mixed with
anchovy and capers, otherwise known as high class butter.

Breaded, deep-fried dory. This colour shows the oil was too hot when the
fillet went in. Temperature should be between 175-190C.

This golden brown is a sign of good heat control.

Roasted potatoes with mixed herbs. Yum.

Love this picture of colour, health and aroma.

Just the kind of food to feed extended families with
lots of children! May not look particularly healthy
but we used almost half a kilo of herbs here.

Overall, I'm more open to the idea of deep fry now.
If done properly, it should not be greasy - on the food
as well as in the kitchen. By the way, we used
clarified butter (Chef said, Very expensive ah!) and it
gives off a different flavour to the discerning palate.

See how it looks when I practise at home on my own.

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