Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What am I doing here in a kitchen?

At the end of each lesson, our class of 15 will be divided into groups to clean the kitchen. This is usually assigned by the sous chef of the day. We learn to clean it the Sunrice school way, using sanitizers and other chemicals. We have been doing this as a routine for the past 5 weeks. Although not my favourite part of the day, I'm thankful for a team that works well together. No one tries to "tuang" during this time unlike the previous batch, as we were told. It's created a culture of co-operativeness amongst us now and I like that. 15 strangers from different walks of life learning to work together despite our wide and varied backgrounds and educational levels. I would not have normally spent so much time with someone who is a kitchen assistant if not for abandoning the corporate life. 

Today was no exception as I headed for the stewarding area to grab a floor cleaner. But halfway through, I had a rude jolt and was suddenly awakened to my surroundings and the people around me. I stared at my hands holding the stick as if they were not my own. I don't even sweep my own floor at home. Hello, what are you doing here? A voice asked in my head. I was momentarily confused and didn't know if I should continue to clear the puddle in front of me. I don't belong in a kitchen. I grew up in a corporate office, clients paid for my time and counsel, executive search firms are still calling me. 

I've not had any income for a few months now, I can see it in my bank account. I have replaced the keyboard with a chopping board and substituted media work with menial work. What happened? Who moved my cheese?

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  1. I guess what really matters is are you enjoying yourself. I asked myself all the time what am I doing with a bunch of screaming kids. At the end of the day I do like what I am doing and have no regrets leaving the corporate world. ; )
    Btw, whatever cheese you are making, I like!


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