Sunday, August 7, 2011

After the joy of baking comes the moment of truth

Have you ever tried to google for images of fruit tarts that have been cut? I looked through 10 pages in the search pages and couldn't find a single one. Do send me if you can find or if you have one of your own. It was a small worry I had at the back of my mind bringing my French fruit tart to a dinner party. I kept wondering if the crust would simply collapse when I cut it and prepared my friends to eat it with a spoon if needed! All the food blogs have great show-and-tell, but I want to know the behind-the-scenes as well. I need to! I want authenticity and some honesty, not just marketing!

A friend and subscriber to my FB page asked how I cut the tart without removing the fruits. You just do. As it turns out, my crust was a bit too dense and hard and the pastry cream too liquid, so it was a little messy to say the least. I had to cut a bigger piece to maintain some form and shape. The fruits also look too sparse when the tart is cut up into pieces so more fruits the next time round should help.

Our host and friend Alvin suggests I should call it a fruit crumble LOL. With friends like these, who needs food critics! I guess it's for the same reason you get bite-sized fruit tarts so you can just pop the whole thing in and let it crumble and melt inside your mouth.

Overall verdict: 10 points on the fun factor during baking, and naively brave enough to bring to a dinner party, 8 points on foodography (I personally love the fruits photo taken in the afternoon sun which I'm showing again here) and as for the main character, the tart itself, well, I can only say, at least I know what I'm eating, it is also reduced sugar but....there's mushroom for improvement, wah haha!

Good load of anti-oxidants!


  1. I had the same question weeks ago - how to cut the tart without making fruit juice. Somehow, I found that having a skinning knife ( narrow blade ) helps. Not sure how the pros do it, though.

  2. That is a very helpful comment. Thank you for sharing!


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