Friday, September 30, 2011

Fusion dinner

Take a look at the fusion dinner I put on the table tonight.  It's my first try on every dish here and with no recipe.

Western salad: Pan-seared tuna salad crusted with roast black sesame seeds. It took me 2 minutes to cook and assemble this dish, faster than instant noodles and by far more nutritious. One ingredient food. Power food with minimum mise en place. I apply some oil on the tuna so the seeds stick. Sesame seeds from my friend TS who doesn't read my blog - THANKS!

 Fast food, upscaled! Picture looks impressive?
Next: Brown Olive Rice with Minced Pork. I apply the "wok-hei" technique that I learned in at-Sunrice and was rather pleased with the result. Husband is not big on carbo so I reduce the portion here. My skinny son went for a refill, he liked it. It's always rewarding when a fussy eater approves of your dish. Everyone complimented on this dish.

Thai or Chinese?
A new angle for the reluctant photographer.
Gorgeous olives soaked in brine from my friend - thanks, Joyce!
And finally, Monkfish en papillote with julienned vegetables. I made this up myself. Using foil, I made a bag, dumped the fish, veggies and mushrooms in, poured some white wine and seasoning, and steamed for 25 minutes. It was ok, but not as flavorful as I imagined it in my head. Looks like I need to better understand flavours and how they come together. Did you notice my beautifully julienned carrots?

Monkfish fresh from the market today

Overall a good day in the office. I cooked myself happy.

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