Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too shy, shy, hush, hush, ai doo ai

A lazy, rainy afternoon and as I reflect on my earlier food postings, I have to confess that I feel somewhat embarrassed that I had the guts to post them, wahahaha! Not saying which ones but the temptation to remove them is strong.

OK, I think I'll leave them there, if nothing, just for a good laugh, every now and then. They're good to remind me of one key underlying message I have consistently shared in every post - it's about doing it. Just cook, just bake, things can go haywire, the kitchen can be on fire, and you get weekly burnt marks, it doesn't matter. Just do it. If things go terribly wrong in your dinner party, just grit your teeth, smile and do it again tomorrow.

I also want to let my children know they don't have a perfect mom and they don't have to try to be perfect to me. Nothing they can do can make me love them less and nothing they need to do to make me love them more. (Got that?)

The positive way to look at these posts of course is to say I must have made some small culinary progress since I started the blog. But truly, such naive audacity and misplaced confidence is embarrassingly funny. I can only laugh at myself, this extra virgin chef.

Culinarily yours,

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