Sunday, September 11, 2011

Luan's "food center"

I'm beginning to think my house attracts food now. Over the weekend, I had a couple of surprises from unexpected guests who brought their food to share with us. Look at this:

Have you ever seen fruits on Chinese noodles?
Does wonders on the colour of the dish. 

This is a refreshing Thai pomelo salad with mint garnishing.
Recipe by a famous chef in Singapore.
Smart timing given it's the mooncake festival and
you can get pomelos easily anywhere.

Maybe, just maybe, I can do an Annual Open House for aspiring chefs to bring their kitchen ventures into my food center and invite the less fortunate to come taste them. Is this a feasible idea? I've been thinking of how culinary skills can be used to benefit the less fortunate since I cooked with little Lucy from the children's kidney foundation last week. Any good ideas out there?

Some food for thought...

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