Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home-made peanut butter

I first heard my friend Grace talk about making her own peanut butter. She said, Did you know there's no butter in peanut butter? Then one of my kind and helpful readers sent me her recipe: 150g roasted skinless peanuts, 1 tsp (canola) oil, pinch of salt and some sugar to taste. I finally got to try it today. Here's the evidence.

Special thanks to my reader May!

Dry fry the nuts. Don't need oil here. Keep them moving as they burn easily.
Brown and fragrant after a few minutes.
Lay them out single layer to cool. Admire your flowers while waiting.
Paying for my mistake. Should have bought the skinless ones.
This task was tedious and unsexy.
And now for the fun bit
After 1 minute
After 2 minutes
Ready! Unbelievably easy.
Store in a clean sterilised container.
I wanted to try it on this bread I grew up with.
A tad dry. Not creamy like the commercial ones but smells and tastes good.
I checked the ingredients on the store-bought ones - not as bad as
I thought they were. Think I just might continue to buy these.


  1. How long can the homemade peanut butter last ? Should I put it in the fridge ( but may be thick and difficult to spread ) ?

  2. Not sure how long they last since it's my first attempt. I'll see how it goes the next couple of days. I also read that peanut butter can be kept at room temperature, ie, on your kitchen counter.

  3. you can get storebought ones made only with roasted peanuts and some sea salt! haha but it's just so fun to make your own don't you think? or to make it more "worth it" maybe do it with more interesting nuts, like walnuts, which are also good for the brain!

  4. Hi Shu Han, that's cool! I should try it. I tasted walnut butter cream at the restaurant I interned in before and it was great! Thanks for the idea, and keep them coming!

  5. Hehe I think I'm gonna try and make my own too, and must remember to buy skinless ones!


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