Friday, September 9, 2011

Cooking with a 9-year-old patient from National Kidney Foundation

Lucy is 9-years-old and Tianmin is 12. Both are receiving kidney dialysis treatments. It's their first venture into the kitchen today and I was honoured to partner them.
As part of at-Sunrice's CSR efforts, the school invited children from the National Kidney Foundation to spend a day with the chefs and cook with them. Together with 2 other classmates, I volunteered to help the Instructor Chef and we left my class to join the children in another kitchen. 

This is Lucy's and Tianmin's work - spaghetti aglio olio. Lucy likes the parsley at the side, not on top. 
She's so proud of it! But she can't eat it yet, she's waiting for her other dish to be ready. Roast chicken!
What's stopping us from learning to make this dish? Lucy learned it in 5 minutes and look at the result.
There is just no excuse not to cook!
Now she really can't wait to eat it. I love Lucy!
She wants me to take more pictures of her. The stove is too high for her and we provide a carton with anti-slips below.
Brother and sister, both kidney patients. The boy wants to grow up to be a chef. She's not so sure - like me - after hearing from Chef what life is like in the kitchen.
This girl came up to me and asked me to take her picture because she says I have the best camera LOL.
God bless these 7 children trying to lead normal lives.

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