Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And now, the end is near...

and so I face, the final curtain....

Next week today will be our last day in this culinary kindergarten course. We will also be having oral exams and practical exams on the last day. I dread having to make a decision on what I will do next. I have many options - bum around in the guise of being a housewife and cooking for the family, continue in culinary school in kindergarten pastry or diploma in culinary or pastry, go look for work in a big professional kitchen ten times the size of the restaurant I interned in, find a restaurant internship overseas through a personal contact, sign up with a different culinary school, start my own business (in ??), or go back to a corporate role.

That was in order of preference!

Many ideas brewing but no clear direction as yet. God is the giver of creative ideas.

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