Monday, June 27, 2011

A brand new start with a brand new heart

I visited one of my favourite restaurants recently and enjoyed as always their good food and chic ambience.  The service staff however seemed somewhat 'zombied' and I was desperately looking for some passion in the place. Two days later, it still bothered me and I decided to post on the restaurant's facebook page. After 3 wall postings, I was invited to meet with them for an opportunity to learn in the kitchen! They are prepared to take in someone with zero kitchen experience but high on passion. Wow.

I am super excited to be an intern at age 46 in a cool restaurant. At less than US$5 an hour, I am also officially lower paid than my domestic helper at home. Even my teenage daughter makes more in a weekend job distributing pamphlets to passers-by on the road. That's something like a 95% pay cut, I think. How awesome is that. My mom will think I've gone bonkers and a shrink may diagnose this as a midlife crisis syndrome. Or it could be plain "lao-hiao" (old and vain).

So I have just turned my own world upside down. I have killed all sacred cows in my mind about work and how to be 'productive'. My appetite for change is bigger than I had previously thought, and it's making me nervous and excited all at once.

Armed with my new pair of "Shoes for Crew" and a bandana to my head, I am reminded of Ephesians 6 as I march into the unchartered territory of a commercial, hot, greasy kitchen. This is my brand new start with a brand new heart.

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