Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home-made Pizzazz..

"You'd better cut the pizza into four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six."

Another easy and practical recipe shared by another virgin chef, and a dear friend too. With this, you can organise beer and pizza party for the upcoming French Open finals this weekend. I was told every Italian girl grows up learning to make pizza doughs - is this true? There are a zillion sites and YouTube videos teaching you how to make pizzas and each one is different. I read and watched about 30 of them (I am learning to 'waste time' on the net!) and picked up all the common elements across the board and apply them here. Enjoy!

I realise I have no pictures of the dough making process to show here. I'll post the next time I make these. Below are some of the toppings I pile on top of my easy home-made dough.  

I tried to make my own paste but was not too successful the first time. I also read that canned tomatoes can actually be fresher than the so-called fresh ones. After reading the labels on the cans, I was comfortable that there were no other ingredients except "real food". Here, I top them with mozarella pieces and basil from my garden. I also had some leftover wanton fillings from last night making this a fusion pizza. 

It is the privilege of virgin chefs  to break any culinary rules. 
My neighbour gave us some fresh pineapples from Sarawak, so I decided to use them for this round of pizza. Yum. Thanks, Chua!

These 3 pizzas are dessert pizzas. I did not know pizzas could be served as desserts! I spread peanut butter on one half and top them with bananas and chocolate chips. On the other half, I spread some strawberry jam and pile pineapples and blueberries. Yum. Easy. And fun for party guests to bring their own favourite toppings.

(Makes 2 base dough)

  • 3.5 cups flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Sift together
  • 0.5oz yeast
  • 0.5tsp sugar
  • Dissolve together in 1.5 cup tepid water and stand 8 min or till frothy.
  • Form a well with flour mixture, pour water into well and knead. Then roll out on pan and put whatever you wish. Small pans will yield thick crust. If you prefer a thin crust pizza, roll out a bigger base on a larger pan. Grease pan so pizza will not stick.

How long should you cook your pizza? I've seen an Italian pizza champ on YouTube bake it for only 90 seconds in a wooden oven at 900C. Amazing. With my oven, I do 15 min at 275C. My friend Grace has an oven that can go max 190C - her pizza turns out just as yummy. Just ask her kids.

I'm not surprised if a professional chef is appalled reading my blog. I repeat, it is the privilege of virgin chefs to break any and all culinary rules.

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