Sunday, September 11, 2011

The day the chickens ruled

Lemongrass chicken satay

I made 3 chicken dishes today, all experimental. The first was steamed chicken and I didn't get a chance to take a picture 'cos my foodie son wiped it out in less than 60 seconds! I didn't quite get this dish right and I will have to practise it again for my practical exams on Tuesday which is also the last day of my course. 

The second dish is chicken satay. I like the ingredients used in this recipe - lemongrass, cumin powder, coriander powder and turmeric. But at 1tsp per 200g chicken thigh, the satay tasted way too salty. I will have to remember to adjust downwards. Otherwise, I was happy with how I skewered the meat and how the satay looked. It's a relatively healthy recipe since I don't add chicken fats and the ingredients are all natural spices. Pity the salt content was too high. Will have to try this again.

Thai cuisine - chicken wrapped in pandan leaves
 The third dish is the most successful - the whole family complimented on it. AThai dish of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. I got the hang of securing the chicken piece in the leaves and was pleased with myself about that. Personally, I felt my marinade today of soya sauce (dark and light), sesame oil, garlic and oyster sauce tasted a little too heavy but the rest of the family seemed fine with it. I omitted the evaporated milk because I didn't have any today.

Also, instead of deep frying it, I roasted the chicken in the oven for 10 min at 150C, then wrapped and steamed it for another 15 min to get the pandan flavour onto the chicken. Turned out to be a healthy and wise choice. 

Easy to wrap chicken pieces securely. Much easier than it looks.

Overall, I had a happy chicky Sunday. September Eleventh - the day the chickens ruled. (Any political undertones is totally and unequivocally intended.)

What about you? Did you try to cook anything or you ate out all day?

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  1. I love pandan chicken, maybe I'll even try it myself. can u post the recipe? thanks

    ~ ck


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