Monday, September 12, 2011

Oral exams on moist heat cooking

How many of these can you answer?

1. Name 3 types of moist heat cooking.

2. Name 2 types of cooking that combine dry heat and moist heat.

3. Name 3 differences between braising and stewing.

4. What is the difference between poaching, simmering and boiling?

5. Name 2 advantages of moist heat cooking.

6. Name 2 disadvantages of moist heat cooking.

7. How do you prevent nutrients from being lost in the liquid in moist heat cooking?

8. What are the characteristics of a steamed fish?

9. What are the considerations for selecting cooking liquid for moist heat?

10. What is a sous vide?

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  1. It will clear basic concepts and it’s really interested. Thanks, for sharing.


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