Friday, September 23, 2011

Retraining my palate

Banana cake suitable for diabetics

Baked a banana cake yesterday using half the sugar in the recipe. I defied advice from bakers who said the amount of sugar is there for a purpose, your cake may not rise as well, you may not get the texture you're looking for, etc..

It tasted bland at first bite but today, my palate adjusted and I could taste the sweetness from the fruit. Maybe I need to restore my tastebuds and retrain it from years of abuse by bad food that is easily available all over. A banana cake should taste of essentially bananas, the star ingredient. Everything else is secondary. 


  1. for my fav banana cake recipe, i minimized the sugar (sugar is also to give moisture to the cake). But sustituted with much more bananas and a couple tbsp of plain yogurt. Yummy! Try it :)
    Use Pisang Raja or another kind which is more easily available called "Pang Jou" in hokkien. Del Monte bananas will not be so fragrant or sweet for baking.
    Did you try out the peanut butter?
    May :)

  2. Good tips, May. Thanks! I'll remember to try that the next time.

    I've just bought some peanuts although I was wondering if I should have bought raw or roasted, and salted or unsalted. Does it matter?


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