Sunday, October 2, 2011

Overcoming culinary fears

The fear-overcome half cake, cut horizontally
Cutting a cake horizontally into half has been one of my culinary fears. It's the same feeling I get waiting to be jabbed while the nurse is preparing her equipment and trying to make conversation with me at the same time. Our brains are programmed so negatively to always expect things to go wrong. 

So it was with a thumping heart that I embarked on my first attempt, expecting that the cake would break into chunks anytime. Miraculously, it didn't, and in fact, the starting and ending points met, to my utter bewilderment. My virgin baker jaw literally dropped and thought, Did I just do that??

Julia Child says, Be fearless! And I overheard also on the food channel, It's your kitchen, you can do whatever you like.

And so, I was rewarded with the opportunity to apply an inner layer of ganache between the 2 cakes, and that makes my cake look so much more appealing. 

I have many more culinary fears but am taking them down one at a time. What about you? Are you afraid of doing anything in your own kitchen?
It's the first time I have baked a cake with 2 layers of ganache.

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