Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home-cured Smoked Salmon Part III - An afternoon snack with some class

My own high tea at home on a wet afternoon
I made more home-cured salmon this week. See my first post on this, and a step-by-step photocapture of the curing process I did at home. The man who sold me the whole salmon said I'm technically marinating it, not curing it. I have given up trying to understand the technical differences between marinating, curing and smoking after reading several sites on the web. Some people use these terms interchangeably and others have their own definitions. What I know is how to do it safely and the end product I get looks like and tastes like smoked salmon from the store. OK, not that oaky smoky flavour from dry smoke but it would still be labelled smoked salmon.

Here, I eat them on wholemeal crackers with cream cheese and some chopped dill. Quite a classy afternoon snack, don't you think?

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