Monday, October 17, 2011

Rabbits are NOT food!

Our family's first love,  Bobby Ng Tu-zi (a.k.a. Bobtail), 2002-2009. 
I subscribe to many newsletters and sites about healthy eating but this one today really got me flustered. It says, "If you’re a meat-eater who’s concerned about the environment, rabbit is worth considering." Hell, NO! A thousand NO! Rabbits are NOT food. They are loving creatures made by God to be our pets, our friends. In my house, rabbits are family!

So in case you are one of those "considering", please stop. The term "rabbit stew" is akin to "infant stew", "braised toddler","roasted elderly" or "corn-fed human", and you should therefore not even step into a kitchen with a chef as barbaric as that.

Having said my piece, I want to introduce you to my other family members. Bobtail (picture above) was our family's first love affair with rabbits. He was a pure-breed Holland Lop, and his parents were Dutch. Bobby had the most beautiful, silky, snow-white fur that cleans itself. And believe it or not, Bobby had blue eyes. Seriously! He's our ang-moh (Westerner) rabbit. Bobby died of old age in my daughter's arms on the way to the vet. 

Lilo, 2010-2011
Baby Lilo
We took a while to get over Bobby, then we had Lilo. She had the biggest, roundest eyes. She brought lots of cheer to us with her mischief and sense of fun compared to a very laid-back Bobby. Tragically, Lilo died as a baby rabbit. Like some infants, she had Sudden Rabbit Death Syndrome and collapsed on the floor of our living room. I spent hours researching on this at that time as part of the closure and healing process with my kids. Lilo is buried just outside our gate and will always be in our hearts. I had wanted to write a Rabbituary then but couldn't find the words.

Because of our special affection for rabbits and having experienced 2 rabbit deaths, we were hesitant when invited to adopt 2 new rabbits. In the end, we gave in because they are just such adorable, awesome creatures from heaven and we had the space for them to run around.

Luna is about 6-7 months old, female. She is shy and acts as if she had previously been abused. Easily scared and needs lots of tender, loving care. She loves the rain and gets dirty easily too.
This is Buckminister - my daughter named him. He's about Luna's age. Not sure if they're siblings but I intend to let them mate! Buck is naughty, playful, buay pai-seh and adventurous, always exploring every nook and crook of our house. He recently brought down our home internet biting off the fibre cable that cost us more than $60!
Buck is super cute when he crosses his paws!
Can you bear to kill and eat this face?


  1. I love the last picture best. If my girl sees this post, she's going to lament about her lack of pets for days.

  2. Hello GV, yes, I'm sure I would eat a rabbit if my life depended on it. I've sat at tables with close friends having a rabbit stew too! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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