Monday, October 3, 2011

An EVC friend

I met a fellow food blogger and one of the winners of my blender giveaways. She turned out to be the sweetest thing on earth. We had a good exchange of common likes and ideas over butter chicken and fruit naan (have you heard of that?) and laughed about whether we would order a dal makhani, the same dish that won her the blender in the first place.

Besides buying me a lovely North Indian lunch, look what she also got for me.

A magnet sewn inside!

And here's the best part:

Hand-sewn and personalised, from an EVC reader.

I made a new friend, because I blog. She sure made my day. Thanks, my new friend!


  1. Ah ha! You discovered the magnet. Hope you had a good time ;-)

  2. Ya, took my lightning-fast mind quite a while to discover that one, and what a delight it was. It impressed my family too!


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