Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Word of the Week: Bouquet Garni

I came across this word a couple of years back and had to read it a few times to understand what it was. Some cook books have a way of complicating things. It is actually just a bunch of herbs tied together and thrown into your stock or soup. Why do some cookbook authors have to overcomplicate it for virgin chefs like me? The essence of the herbs seeps into your dish as you simmer it making it more flavorful. Stringing it together makes it neater when they float in your big pot and makes it easier to remove when done.

Here, I soak a sprig of rosemary for a touch of freshness to my cold drinking water. It's been there for weeks and looks just as fresh. The flowers are from a stranger in a carpark who gave me some healthy stalks to grow and multiply. Yes, spread the cheer!

Never fails to impress guests.
(Oops, condensation threatens any potentially good photography!)
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  1. Do you drink the 'rosemary water' after that? I thought these things start to grow roots after a while.

  2. Yes, it's my drinking water. It's great! And no roots after a few weeks. Try it for your Friday dinner party and let me know the response from your guests!

  3. Wow! that's a great way to "spice" up the water. I'll try that next time, flavour my water and yet at the same time, keep those rosemary stalks alive in the fridge.

  4. Exactly, Wendy. Hey, by the way, all the best to you in your latest adventure!


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