Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Word of the Week: Knodel

Knodels in my simple understanding are giant German dumplings. They are large and round and can be poached or boiled. Typically found in the German and Austrian cuisine, they can be made from flour, potatoes or bread. I've eaten them plain in a tasty, consomme-style soup but I've also had salty ones as a side dish for a stew as in the picture here. They can also be served as a dessert filled with yum-yum plums. I had this in a typical bavarian tavern by the St Paul's cathedral in Frankfurt built in 1848. 

Today, Knodel is more than a dish to me because of some wonderful friends in Germany. Friendship is a serious food enhancer!

Word of the Week features a culinary term each week, usually on a Wednesday. I picked up this practice from the culinary school and have continued with this learning journey after I graduated. Please click on "Labels - Word of the Week" to see previous words. Here are some of them:


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