Sunday, January 29, 2012

Duck fat + no carbo = happy tummy

I have been into duck fat for a couple of weeks now and there's no sign of loosening my grip on this. I googled the health benefits of duck fat last night and read that its composition is not too different to olive oil. Animal fat is good. Fat is good! Don't be afraid of good fat!

For today's lunch with the hubby, I pan-seared skinless boneless chicken breasts peppered with tarragon and cut them into strips. I sauteed some capsicums with duck fat till they caramelised and their natural sweetness came through. My foodie son tried it for the first time and said, Oh, I didn't know this is sweet! Music to my ears. Using the red and yellow ones added colours to my food and to my weekend, which is really nice.  I also sauteed some white button mushrooms - also with duck fat (but of course) - till brown. 

It felt good on the tummy today not to have to work on breaking down any carbo or deal with any sudden surge of a sugar rush. 

Would you pay for a dish like this? 

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  1. While I am reading your blog, my stomach starts to growl. ;P Every picture looks so delicious.


    ~ CK


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