Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bacon-wrapped Dates - My darling little cocoons

Taken on the iPhone 
Medjool dates wrapped in Danish bacon streaks - an appetiser we ate in Germany and I said I would be making soon. Well, I tried it for the first time this morning and here's how they look - my darling little cocoons. I served it as a breakfast item for 15 hungry ironmen as part of my annual power breakfast birthday treat for my husband and his Crazy2Tri buddies (yes, they have a name for their group, a blog and their own branded jerseys!).

Well, this dish turned out to be the highlight at the breakfast table and it finished in no time. I have my dear friend Sandy to thank for teaching me to make this. It is so easy to make and the results so rewarding - you have to try it. I am going to do this for my family reunion dinner this Chinese New Year.

One date for each bacon streak - that's all!
No salt, no pepper, no oil, nothing else.

3-4 dates for each guest

1. Remove seeds from dates while pre-heating oven to 180C
2. Wrap each date with one bacon streak
3. Place on baking tray or use aluminium foil to minimise cleaning up
4. Bake for about 10 minutes or until fat is rendered or when bacon is of your preferred texture. I baked for 15 and they were fine.

Does this remind you of something I blogged about called Barding? It's worth checking out if you want to feel like a professional chef!



  1. How's the taste? Sweet and a bit salty? Must try!

  2. Yes, exactly. And the dates give an interesting firm yet soft texture unlike prunes that can become soggy. Plus dates are power food!

  3. I would never imagine that salty bacon and sweet dates go together!

    ~ CK

  4. Hey CK, these 2 really get along quite well! I don't fancy dates (especially blind ones!) but this, I will eat.


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