Friday, January 6, 2012

Europe pig-out 4 - Chicken soup with pasta before a medieval castle

Our lunch stop in an old tavern in Salzburg before we visited an old fortress. I told you I ordered soup in every restaurant we patronised. This European chicken soup with pasta had some Asian elements to it but it is made from a rich chicken stock allowed to simmer for more than 2 hours to deliver that  complex flavour. I enjoyed cupping my cold fingers around this French bowl while observing how perfectly julienned the carrot strips are. 

A region where beer costs less than soda

German? Austrian? After a while, I couldn't make out the difference. Perhaps the Europeans can't differentiate Thai food from Malaysian from Singaporean food as well??

And now with filled stomachs and warm hands, we proceeded to conquer one of Europe's largest medieval castles called Hohensalzburg built in 1077. During the early 20th Century, it was used as a prison holding Italian prisoners during World War I and Nazi activists in the 1930s.

The castle offered a magnificient panoramic view of the Salzburg city including the Old Town with its internationally renowned baroque architecture and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salzburg is historical, medieval, simply gorgeous and is a must visit.

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