Thursday, January 12, 2012

Italy - a working farm

Today, we visited Luciano's working farm just 10 minutes drive from our farmhouse at Cretaiole. He had just slaughtered 2 pigs yesterday and today, he has invited us to come over at 4pm to see what he's doing with them. We walked into this what looks to me like a murder scene in a farm barge. Here, Luciano's men are stuffing pork sausages. On the left, you can see their home-bottled tomato paste.

Luciano cures his own meat - these above are more than a year old hanging next to his wine barrels.

He lifts up this netted crate to show us his cured cheese as well.

 Luciano slices off his pancetta for us to taste.

We also tasted his extra virgin olive oil fresh from the infusion and before bottling. 

It was a totally enjoyable visit and I wish I could be a farmer's wife ... maybe just for a little while!

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