Friday, January 20, 2012

Peek-a-boo into a Munich kitchen

This is my friend's lovely, cosy, very lived-in and fully utilised kitchen in the heart of Munich. I didn't get her permission to post this so I better not reveal her identity or she'll never cook for me again, and that's too big a loss to bear. 

And this second picture here is my favourite corner of her little kitchen. It has all the wonderful spices and herbs that she transforms into magic so we can all taste life from her perspective! Which is all about passion and love and joy and peace. My dear friend - how I miss her already.

I also found she squeezed space out of another corner for her pretty and practical utensils. She's not known to be the neatest girl around but I have to salute her for being rather tidy here, haha! She's kinda untidy in a creative yet organised way, if you know what I mean. Like, she knows where all her stuff are even though there are stuff everywhere in every nook and crook. Have you met anyone like that?


  1. What a lovely space! Makes me want to walk in and start cooking!

  2. Hello there, Brooke! Great to hear from you again. I just LIKED you on FB! Cheers!


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